KNX Organisation

    We are a member of the KNX Association. This has KNX (formerly EIB) made the global standard for home and building control.



    EnOcean Alliance

    We are also a member of the EnOcean Alliance. The EnOcean Alliance supports innovative automation solutions with batteryless radio technology for sustainable building projects in order to make buildings energieeffizenter, flexible and cost effective.

    EnOcean Alliance

    Smarthome Deutschland

    We are a member of the Smart Home Initiative eV, Germany This is dedicated to:

    promoting the economic and professional interests of its members and their advice on national and international level

    • To promote the applications of smart homes based concepts

    Promote education and training in the field of energy saving building applications

    promote knowledge transfer among members and interested groups

    • Certification of trade and crafts for the overall area of ​​responsibility "Smart Home"


    Smarthome Deutschland



    Aktuelle Java-Software für Ihren Browser.

    eibPort unterstützt 2 Visualisierungsarten. Die "normale" Visualisierung, die Ajax Visualisierung und das HomeInformationCenter.

    Die "normale" Visualisierung benötigt die Unterstützung der Java VM.

    Unter dem folgenden Link können Sie eine aktuelle Java Laufzeitumgebung herunterladen:


    Klicken Sie auf Download der Java-Software und folgen Sie den Anweisungen



    The inexpensive alternative to integrate all Multimedia devieces (e.g. Beamer/HiFi plant) into your EIB control. eibPort has prepared jobs for simple integration. Assign IR instructions to IRTrans, and connect them with the group address via eibPort job... finished!

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    innea living architecture

    Control your rooms in the most natural way

    innea floorplan is the easiest and fastest way to unfold your clients's house directly to their fingertips.

    innea floorplan come in differents styles. In a standardized process we craft and deliver the perfect floorplan for you and your client.

    innea living architecture


    Squeezbox Server

    eibPort can control a multiroom audio system based on the Squeezebox. About her WebPad, mobile phone or EIB push-button.

    Download the free Media Sever by Logitech.

    More information can be found here...

    Furthermore, you need to and used by the software xPLHub xPL protocol.

    More information can be found here...

    Download xPLHal here...

    All this goes also more simply. All the necessary software, you can also pre-installed on a Synology NAS Station .