EIBPORT Version 3

    EIBPORT automates and provides visualisation for everything from a residential home to medium-sized commercial buildings. The intelligent services and functions provide limitless possibilities and are easy to parameterise - all within a standard internet browser. The easiest way of home automation.

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    DUODMX Gateway

    Gateway between KNX or EnOcean and DMX

    Beneath Dali DMX is serving as a standard bussystem for stage and lighting system technic. DMX also works as digital
    bussystem but different to KNX with a rate of 250 kbit/s instead of 9,6 kbit/s. Within one line up to 512 channels
    can be addressed and controlled.

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    DATALOGGER records KNX-telegrams. For this purpose, it will be connected directly with a screw terminal to the KNX-bus or it will recieve its data over network with KNXnet/IP protocol. It works like a KNXnet/IP router. The routing- as well the tunneling-protocol are implemented. 

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    The entry into the world of building automation has never been easier: The CUBEVISIONMODULE offers all the essential functions of a high-grade visualisation, while being simplicity itself to set up and operate. The implemented CUBEVISION visualisations and the CUBEVISION MOBILE based on Web app technology facilitate a consistent user interface on almost any input device. This means that smartphones and tablets etc. become handy and mobile control centres for the home. 

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    AP-Touch Panel PC Wide

    AP-Touch Panel 15,6", 18,5" wide

    These panels captivate with their high-class piano varnish look. The surface is made of solid glas framed with massive
    aluminium. Having an installation depth of just just 6 cm they are extremly flat. The narrow-edged white (or black) backgrounded frame is hardly apparent when mounted on a wall. Nevertheless the surface complies to IP 65!
    A wide screen LED LCD servers as display. The touch display is set up as resistive Multi Touch and so is prepared for gesture control. As processor an Intel Pineview Dual Core (D525 with 1,8 GHz) is used. Anyhow the device is working fanless! Some field for application are receptions, Salesrooms, hospitals but also the e-home.

    Another type of touch panel having a diagonal of 21,5“ will be available soon.

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