BAB TECHNOLOGIE – everywhere at home

    BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH is an manufacturer of innovative and high performance KNX products.

    We develop and sell products which allow access to the Building Technology realised with KNX, Powernet KNX, DMX or EnOcean via LAN, WLAN, Internet, GSM, UMTS etc. Therefore it is not important if you do local control or if you have access via e.g Internet. As a visualization client Smartphone, Tablet Computer or Touch Panel PC's can be used. A additional software is not needed, only a browser is used for visualization and editing/programming (wiki concept).

    The connection of these standards (KNX, IP and Browser) increase not only the performance and efficiency as also guaranteed the maximum flexibility and future orientation.    

    Our team consists of an international group of KNX Professionals who understand the unique problems and challenges faced during the practical implementation of modern KNX Building Technologies in a real world environment - whether it be for a residential home, a office building, or the integration of multiple building facilities in a distributed environment. You will find our knowledge and experience in our growing family of products.


    We are Member of KNX-AssosiationSmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V. and EnOcean Alliance.



    Subsidies of BMWi
    As part of an absolutely innovative system for efficient energy management, we are receiving funding from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The "ENERGY MODULE" project uses self-learning algorithms to make predictions for energy consumption and generation, thus guaranteeing optimum use of existing resources.

    Project title: "Development of an adaptive Smart Home gateway module for user-specific optimisation of the own consumption of PV systems in combination with energy storage systems"