Automate. Visualise. Control.


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    Automation and visualisation gateway for your building control

    The EIBPORT connects KNX or EnOcean building control with the IP world. Create individual visualisations intuitively with CONTROL L or almost automatically with the innovative visualisation CUBEVISION. Whether simple or complex – make use of over 50 integrated services for almost all automation tasks in building automation and integrate third-party applications such as Amazon® Alexa or IFTTT.

    In addition to a simulation mode, the graphical LOGIKEDITOR offers search and documentation functions and the possibility of loading and exporting logic groups. With our new website »logikeditor. de« you can load further ready-made logic groups that execute application-oriented services.

    Setting up the EIBPORT is child’s play. The EIBPORT works without any kind of cloud connection. Your data stays where it belongs, at home. Thanks to the integrated VPN server, the device can also be safely accessed externally at any time. By the way, the EIBPORT can also function as an IP router in the KNX installation.


    In this video you can see how easy it is to integrate Amazon Alexa with the EIBPORT:


    ≫ Download: Amazon Alexa Voice Control in the EIBPORT Documentation DE | EN


    Test online now: Virtual EIBPORT

    Use our new virtual EIBPORT. Simply make a reservation, access the free "BAB STARTER" application, register and get started immediately. Familiarize yourself with the LOGICEDITOR, CUBEVISION, CONTROL L, and the visualization editor, present visualization examples, or optionally use the virtual EIBPORT for convenient, location and system independent project planning.

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    There are 8 different versions available
    • EIBPORT LAN KNX  + EnOcean
    • EIBPORT LAN Powernet KNX
    • EIBPORT LAN Powernet KNX + EnOcean
    • EIBPORT LAN Powernet KNX + GSM
    • EIBPORT LAN EnOcean




    Visualisation software, automation functions and integration of third-party systems everything included in the EIBPORT. The configuration and the visualisation are available independent of the platform in the BAB STARTER and in the web browser. In the KNX version, the device moreover serves as interface for the ETS commissioning software.


    EIBPORT offers several options to realise a visualisation. CONTROL L, a free visualisation and CUBEVISION, the self-creating, intuitive 3D visualisation. The visualisation options offer numerous operating elements: For the different building functions, for the control of multimedia, the presentation of consumption values and for the integration of IP network cameras. Both visualisation options are opened in the browser; thus, they are platform-independent and can easily be used on several devices at the same time. For CUBEVISION, there is moreover a free app for iOS and Android.


    By means of the easy-to-operated, graphical visualisation editor, you can realise any free visualisation. The editor allows for example for the upload of background images, free scalability and design of visualisation elements as well as a live mode by means of which you can test the visualisation directly during editing. All functionalities of the editor have been designed so that a visualisation can be realised as intuitively as possible.


    With CUBEVISION, the EIBPORT simultaneously provides a unique 3D-animated visualisation which is automatically created based on the configuration data. You just create the building structure and link the group addresses and afterwards, the visualisation is already available. CUBEVISION automatically scales to the relevant display so that you can use the identical visualisation from the smart phone to the desktop system. Apart from that, CUBEVISION can be integrated into CONTROL L, if desired, so that the advantages of both applications can be combined.

    More information on CUBEVISION is available here


    EIBPORT hat eine ganze Reihe von Automatisierungsfunktionen integriert. Dadurch, dass diese auf Software basieren, können diese ohne Probleme in großer Anzahl verwendet werden. Viele der Funktionen, welche in der Anlage normalerweise in Form von einer Reihe von Aktorik eingeplant werden müssen, können auf diese Weise einfach in den EIBPORT programmiert werden. Darüber hinaus ist das System auch für zukünftige Anforderungen gerüstet. Das spart Kosten und steigert die Flexibilität. Es stehen folgende Dienste ("Jobs" genannt) bereit:

    • Astrotimer
    • Receive & Send Date
    • Receive & Send Time
    • Text (EIS 15) Multiplexer
    • Send Email
    • Hysteresis
    • Pulse Counter (For KNX and S0)
    • Integrator
    • Week Timer
    • Year Timer
    • Light Scene
    • Logic (AND, OR, XOR, Objekt, NAND, NOR, NXOR, NObject)
    • Mathematics
    • RTR
    • Logic Threshold Unit
    • SMS Sender & Receiver (for devices with GSM-module)
    • Status Notification
    • Staircase Lighting Function
    • Comparator
    • Delay Unit
    • Cyclic Sender
    • Counter

    By means of virtual group addresses (a special KNX address range which is only processed within the EIBPORT), the jobs can be linked in any form. Due to the variety of the jobs, it is possible to even automate unusual functions and to integrate numerous applications into these intelligent algorithms.


    By means of free software updates, the EIBPORT is always kept up to date and provided with new functions. The next milestone will be a web-based graphical editor for the automation function which will introduce a new era. Some highlights of the new editor, called “Logic Editor”, are:

    • Clear, graphical presentation of all links
    • Easy drag&drop configuration
    • New, innovative job types
    • Individual grouping options for a better overview
    • Configuration without influencing the ongoing operation
    • Extensive simulation options with time step and time lapse functionality
    • Intelligent search (also for group addresses)
    • Import and export of job groups
    • Web-based and platform-independent


    As control centre for the building, the integration of other systems is another important function of the EIBPORT. For this purpose, the EIBPORT offers numerous universal and specific interfaces integrating the relevant function in the form of services (jobs). In this connection, the functions are implemented on KNX group addresses and thus made available to the entire installation. No matter whether KNX system, EnOcean, visualisation, automation services, S0, 1-Wire or GSM - thanks to the EIBPORT, everything can be integrated into other systems or vice versa! The following jobs are integrated:

    • 1-Wire (compatibility with many sensors, see compatibility list)
    • 4x S0 interface for direct counter connection
    • By means of the optional EnOcean module, an integration from EnOcean or to EnOcean is possible (EnOcean compatibility list)
    • Optional GSM interface for control by means of SMS
    • Dali monitor for ABB DGS 1.1
    • ekey integration of the “Home" & "Multi” product series
    • HTTP request with answer evaluation
    • Connection of infrared-enabled devices by means of IR-Trans (favourably priced offers in the connect-b shop)
    • KNX integration of AUDIOMODULE and Logitech Squeezeboxes
    • Integration of UDP-based applications with UDP sender & receiver
    • Transmission of Wake On LAN packages
    • Sonos radio control
    • MySQL database logging possible (additional software for the evaluation: DATA WAREHOUSE 2)
    • Integrated KNXnet/IP server for the coupling and interface functionality (KNXnet/IP Routing & Tunneling)


    With this extensive scope of functions, EIBPORT is suitable for all application scenarios from the single-family house to the medium commercial object. By means of free firmware updates, you benefit from the continuous further development. The use of a EIBPORT already pays off as you save expensive actuator technology. Apart from that, the EIBPORT is installed into the sub-distribution in a manipulation-proof manner and convinces by the little power consumption of only 5 (!) Watt. The integrated software has intentionally been kept simple and tries to guide even inexperienced users to the goal as quickly as possible. Benefit from the extensive scope of functions now and rely on the future-proof EIBPORT system!

    Amazon Alexa Integration+

    ≫ Download: Amazon Alexa Voice Control in the EIBPORT Documentation DE | EN

    ≫ Video:  


    Technical data+

    Technical data

    • Integrated visualization, interface for all kinds of terminal equipment
    • Integrated services
    • Webserver
    • weekly and annual timer, special day/ holiday timer
    • Astro clock (simple and complex )
    • staircase functionality, sending of time signal
    • Logical functions, delayer, level switch
    • light scenes, comparator, hysteresis, multiplexer
    • E-Mail, WAP-service, SMS via E-Mail
    • Visualization editor derived from graphical editing programms
    • camera linking, processing of error messages
    • Infrarot-connection
    • RS.232 connection
    • gesture control
    • Dialogue pages
    • encoded user authentification
    • inclusion and handling of IP-network cameras
    • connection to NTP-Server
    • Multimedia-connections, RSS Feeds
    • data logging in SQL-database(s)
    • ETS-remote programming
    • KNXnet/IP Server
    • Http-Request with response interpretation by regular terms
    • Mathematics module
    • Integrator
    • Counter
    • Sonos UPnP
    • Control of occupancy plans
    • Ajax visualization
    • address transfer from ETS
    • installation coupling
    • Busmonitor and data recording
    • Adress table with actual state
    • no limitation for number of data points
    • buffering of 500.000 telegrams
    • multiuser visualization without additional licence fees
    • AddWare for data analysis, consumption analysis is available
    • REG housing
    • Connectors: DC-IN (10-30 V), KNX, RJ-45 (Ethernet)
    • X86 600 Mhz CPU, 256MB RAM, 4GB Flash
    • Power consumption < 5 W


    • EnOcean: input objects : 128
    • unlimited number of output objects
    Art.-Nr. and Advertisement+

    10104 - EIBPORT V3 KNX - Ausschreibungstext / Tender Text DE  txt doc rtf

    10504 - EIBPORT V3 KNX EnOcean - Ausschreibungstext / Tender Text DE  txt doc rtf

    11104 - EIBPORT V3 Powernet - Ausschreibungstext / Tender Text DE txt doc rtf

    11504 - EIBPORT V3 Powernet EnOcean - Ausschreibungstext / Tender Text  DE txt doc rtf

    10304 - EIBPORT V3 KNX GSM - Ausschreibungstext / Tender Text  DE txt doc rtf

    13304 - EIBPORT V3 EnOcean GSM - Ausschreibungstext / Tender Text  DE txt doc rtf

    11304 - EIBPORT V3 Powernet GSM - Ausschreibungstext / Tender Text  DE txt doc rtf

    13104 - EIBPORT V3 EnOcean - Ausschreibungstext / Tender Text  DE txt doc rtf


         Control S


         Control L


        Control R


         Control T



         Control W












    • LOGIKEDITOR Dokumentation DE
    • LOGIKEDITOR Documentation EN
    • LOGIKEDITOR Amazon Alexa Sprachsteuerung im EIBPORT Dokumentation DE
    • LOGIKEDITOR Amazon Alexa Voice Control in the EIBPORT Documentation EN

    Information material


    additional software



    Important note: 
    The following full update can be installed on any EIBPORT V3. The currently installed firmware is not decisive.
    The following incremental update can only be installed as of firmware version 3.5.0 (and newer). For firmware versions older than version 3.5.0, it is necessary to perform a complete update.



    EIBPORT V2.1:


    Icons for the EIBPORT

    ICON PACK  Download



    sample projects

    Demo High definition 3D

    FW 1.1.1


    Demo 3D

    FW 1.1.1


    Demo TabletVisu

    FW 1.1.1


    Demo CubeVision, Slide

    FW 3.2.0



    Demo Grundriss +Tablet

    FW 0.11.7


    Demo Grundriss

    FW 0.11.7


    Demo Mobile, Office, Home

    FW 0.11.7  






    Demo CV embedded

    FW 3.4.2