The DUODMX GATEWAY is the bi-directional KNX or EnOcean interface to the DMX world – easy to configure and flexible in use. Two configurable DMX interfaces, each with 512 channels, allow independent control of two DMX worlds. With the bi-directional SR versions you can control DMX with KNX and vice versa. Various device variants and the wireless LAN option allow the use in almost every scenario. Easily link channels and scenes to KNX addresses using Drag ’n’ Drop. The professional DMX-configuration software «DMX-Configurator» makes it possible. With the free app for iOS® and Android®, you can also control the standalone versions intuitively and conveniently – without any bus system at all. Due to its compact dimensions and different mounting options, the DUODMX GATEWAY is ideally suited for retrofitting in ceilings. An adapter for top hat rail mounting is available as an option.


    The popular DUODMX GATEWAY is now also available for DIN-Rail mounting.


    Download now: The DUO DMX APP is available for Android® and iOS®.


    To use the "DUO DMX APP", a DUODMX GATEWAY is required.

    You can find more information on the DUODMX GATEWAY here.


    TUTORIAL DUODMX Gateway - First Steps [english]+

    The DUODMX GATEWAY has two separately controllable DMX interfaces. This means that two DMX worlds can be controlled independently of each other with one gateway at the same time. Another highlight are the bidirectional variants. You can use them to control KNX devices using DMX devices. The master or slave operation can be set per interface and is available for the variants 12111 and 12121.

    The included DMX software „DMX-Configurator“ helps with fast configuration. KNX group addresses or EnOcean subscribers can be linked to DMX channels and scenes simply and intuitively via Drag ‘n‘ Drop. In addition to all necessary DMX-specific settings, the software also offers a preview function that makes configuration changes immediately visible on the connected DMX devices. The final configuration data is conveniently transferred to the gateway via network.

    All DMX channels can be dimmed and switched individually or grouped. This allows you to change lighting moods at any time as desired. Relative and absolute dimming allows the use of different operating modes. 3 and 4 byte values are available for color wheel controlling.

    A popular feature of the DUODMX GATEWAY is its programmable sequences. Simply arrange the desired color impressions as sequences. They run autonomously in the device and can be called up at any time at the touch of a button. Sequences can also be triggered via a potential free contact input. In this way, you can also implement simple on-site operation.

    Whether KNX or EnOcean RF, wired or wireless: you are completely flexible when it comes to choosing the application options of the DUODMX GATEWAY. For use without a bus system, use one of our standalone versions - together with the free app for iOS® and Android®, the perfect choice for conventional installations without building system technology. The power supply is either directly at the device or via POE. The design as a recessed ceiling unit with an optional top-hat rail adapter enables both new installations and retrofitting.


    Technical Data+

    Technical Data

    • Operating voltage: 12–32 V DC
    • Power input: <= 1.2 VA
    • Connection: Power over Ethernet (PoE) or power supply via terminal
    • Environmental conditions: EN 50090-2-2, Category 3K5
    • Ambient temperature: –5 to +45°C
    • Relative humidity (non-condensing): < 95 % r. F.


    Mechanical Data:

    • Installation: ceiling mount or modular device housing (REG) 4 MW
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm: ceiling mount variant
      ceiling mount variant without fastening lugs: 116 x 50 x 26
      ceiling mount variant with fastening lugs: 146 x 50 x 26
      modular device housing: 70x90x63
    • Housing: plastic
    • Weight: approx. 120g
    • Protection class: IP20 (according to EN 60529)


    Interfaces (model-dependent):

    • KNX®: twisted pair via terminal (<1.5 mm2)
    • Ethernet: RJ45 connection
    • EnOcean®: external SMA antenna
    • WLAN: 802.11 b (compatible with b/g/n – not available for gateway variants 12011w, 12041w, and 12111w)
       Encryption standards: WPA 2, WEP
    • Trigger predefined light scenes via a potential-free contact
    • 2 x DMX 512: terminal (<1.5 mm2)



    • Power supply: PoE (except variant 12521)
    • Programming: SD card / network
    • Configuration: «DMX configurator» (professional DMX software)
    • DMX: 2 x 512 channels
    • External antenna: 2.50 m cable, magnetic base and SMA plug
    • Optional for ceiling mount variant top hat rail adapter (EN 50022 – 35 x 7.5).


    Software requirement (DMX Configurator): 

    • Operating system: current Windows® desktop systems
    • Communication: network interface
    • Optional: SD card reader


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    12521 - DUODMX GATEWAY REG KNX SR - Ausschreibungstext (txt doc rtf)

    12041 - DUODMX GATEWAY Standalone - Ausschreibungstext (txt doc rtf)

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    12121 - DUODMX GATEWAY KNX SR - Ausschreibungstext (txt doc rtf)

    12031 - DUODMX GATEWAY EnOcean - Ausschreibungstext (txt doc rtf)




    Information material



    • DMX Configurator Setup (Changelog DE EN)

    Example projects and scenes