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    CUBEVISION 2 - Firmwareupdate

    2019-12-04 08:56

    Firmware version 1.3.7 now available

    In addition to general stability and performance improvements, this firmware update for the CUBEVISION MODULE includes optimised RGBW control with an additional white channel to be used in your favourites. Download now:


    » Download firmware version 1.3.8 for CUBEVISIONMODULE

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    EIBPORT Version 3.8.1

    2019-12-03 12:12

    Benefit from many innovations and stability improvements

    The new EIBPORT firmware 3.8.1 offers many general stability enhancements, including support for Italian language and optimized RGBW control. 

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    Download firmware update 3.8.1 now


    New KNX training in Luxembourg

    2019-10-28 12:12

    Many new training topics to discover in Parc Hotel Dommeldange.

    Alexa, Google or Siri? Which language assistant is the right one for the KNX-based Smart Home?
    Visit us on 13.11.2019 at the Parc Hotel Dommeldange and learn everything about KNX voice control with the APP MODULE, the differences between the language assistants, and connecting KNX with other IOT services.
    All topics of the event:
    • KNX-Secure
    • Dali light control and gateway to KNX
    • Energy management / Integration of meters in KNX
    • KNX in the network / IP router / IP interfaces
    • Daylight control with KNXIOT / Integration of speech recognition
    • Blind management / facade control


    Further information and registrations:
    28, e.g. Triangle Vert
    L-5691 Ellange
    Phone: +352 26660181
    Fax: +352 27075780

    New System Partner in Asia

    2019-10-28 12:12

    We proudly welcome our new System Partner JIP Technology.

    We proudly welcome our new System Partner JIP Technology.
    Our Singapore based partner operates branch offices in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and India.
    This award winning company has been established in 2009. JIP has the expertise and experience to design, installation, commission smart homes and building management systems of any scale. 
    More infos at: http://www.jiptech.com

    MODBUS TCP Connect as Pro version

    2019-09-25 10:56

    News for the APPMODULE:

    With this Smart Home App you can connect up to 5 Modbus gateways to the KNX or EnOcean world via TCP in no time at all. Transfer data from inverters or smart meters to your KNX system, for example. The app works as a Modbus TCP master and offers read or write access to up to 50 Modbus registers per Modbus gateway.


    • Integration of up to 5 Modbus gateways
    • Reading of meter data such as gas, water, electricity, energy, etc.
    • Control of analog outputs
    • 1 bit, 1 byte, 2 byte and 4 byte Data
    • Register Read and Write
    • Simple use of Modbus register data in KNX
    • Full interoperability with other apps and logics
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    Discover MODBUS TCP Connect Pro now

    DUODMX GATEWAY - Firmware update

    2019-09-25 08:56

    Firmware version now available

    The new DUO DMX GATEWAY firmware version offers many stability and performance improvements. Use the new firmware together with the current DMX configurator software from now on. 
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    Load DUO DMX GATEWAY Firmware now



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    NEWS 09/2019 - EIBPORT Version 3.8.0 - Camera archive - Intercom integration uvm.

    2019-09-11 10:56

    Benefit from many innovations at a glance:


    Now available:

    EIBPORT Version 3.8.0
    Now with camera archive, intercom integration, long-term data recording and much more.

    Benefit from many new features and get started - with the new EIBPORT firmware, the course has been set for the integration of door intercom systems. With the new camera archive, you can store and manage images of several IP cameras. Intelligent long-term data recording, the new logic element "E-Mail sender" and many other improvements round off the function package.
    ­ ­ ­
    ­ ­ ­
    ­ Always in the picture.

    The new camera archive.

    Together with the separately available SDMODULE, you can now view your camera images directly in the CONTROL L visualization. Seamless integration allows you to control the storage of images directly with the LOGIKEDITOR and manage your archives. Activate the recording, for example with a cyclic transmitter or the signal of a KNX presence detector. The intuitive control menu including calendar function allows you to navigate effortlessly through the history of your recorded images.
    ­ ­ ­
    ­ ­ ­
    ­ Hello. And welcome.

    EIBPORT and Intercom united.

    With the EIBPORT and the separately available INTERCOMMODULE, it is now possible to receive and control the sound and image of a video door intercom system via the integrated visualizations on touch displays, for example. Currently supported Intercom Systems from DoorBird, 2N or ABB Welcome can be easily integrated into your CONTROL L visualization. Further systems will soon be available.
    ­ ­ ­
    ­ ­ ­
    ­ Data recording 2.0:

    The new long-term data recording.
    The new long-term data recording enables you to record data of up to 20 group addresses for up to 3 years with the EIBPORT. In CUBEVISION you select the view for a day, a week or recording a month and compare the desired values clearly and comfortably. All recorded data are managed centrally in EIBPORT. Within the visualisation you create new entries for the recording without detours.
    ­ ­ ­
    ­ ­ ­
    ­ Feature update:

    New E-Mail-Sender in LOGIKEDITOR.

    The E-Mail sender can be used to send individualised messages to a list of stored e-mail addresses. With the integrated sender rate limiter and centrally managed e-mail accounts, you always retain full control over the sending of e-mails. Before you go all out, test your settings conveniently in advance using the configuration mask. Everything in order? If required, send your finished report directly to several mail addresses at the same time. The combination with other logic elements such as Amazon Alexa® is also possible and allows the flexible use of the new logic element.
    ­ ­ ­

    » Download EIBPORT Firmware 3.8.0 now «


    » Download EIBPORT Firmware 3.8.0 documentation now «

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    ­ Virtual EIBPORT.

    Test the EIBPORT online now.

    Use our new virtual EIBPORT. Simply make a reservation, call up BAB STARTER via the free application, register and get started immediately. Familiarize yourself with the LOGIKEDITOR, CUBEVISION, CONTROL L, as well as the visualization editor, present visualization examples, or optionally use the virtual EIBPORT for convenient, location- and system-independent project planning.
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    » Reserve virtual EIBPORT now «



    » Manual virtual EIBPORT «



    Panasonic and BAB TECHNOLOGIE: A new partnership for an intelligent home

    2019-09-02 10:56

    Now available in BAB APP MARKET: »Panasonic Connect«

    Hamburg, August 2019 - TV is becoming an important element in the intelligent home. This is made possible by the IoT-KNX gateway «APP MODULE» and the new smart home app «Panasonic Connect» – the result of a new partnership between Panasonic and BAB TECHNOLOGIE. Together, the gateway and app enable the integration of TV sets into building automation via the established KNX standard.

    KNX is the leading European standard for building automation and is represented in over 40 countries. With the IoT-KNX Gateway «APP MODULE» and the Smart Home App «Panasonic Connect», Panasonic and BAB TECHNOLOGIE now offer an uncomplicated and cost-effective integration for KNX installations. The seamless KNX connection with «Panasonic Connect» enables the control of TV sets with all Smart Home components such as wall buttons or building visualisations. In addition to the basic functions such as switching on and off, volume control or channel selection, it is also possible to switch TV inputs via KNX commands. If desired, the TV can be integrated into entire Smart Home scenarios: At the push of a button, the blinds are lowered, the ambient lighting is activated and the TV is switched on with the desired source selection and volume.

    Available configuration parameters of the "Panasonic Connect" Smart Home App

    Basic Functions

    • Switching Tv On / Off
    • Channel Forward/Backward
    • Set Channel


    Volume Control

    • Activate/Deactivate Sound 
    • Request Sound Status 
    • Increase/Decrease Volume 
    • Set Volume Value 
    • Query Volume Value


    TV Modes

    • Lastview Mode
    • Reception Modes


    TV Inputs

    • Av And Component Inputs
    • Inputs HDMI


    Media Control

    • Start/Pause Media
    • Stop Media
    • Media Forward / Rewind
    • Media Forward/Backskip 


    »Doorbird Control« available as PRO version

    2019-08-21 10:56

    New in BAB APP MARKET: »Doorbird Control Pro«

    With this app, you can easily integrate DoorBird door intercom systems into your KNX® or EnOcean® building automation system.
    DoorBird door stations are easy to install and can be used with the existing infrastructure. Just as easily integrate them into your existing building control system based on KNX or EnOcean. Use the functions of DoorBird in scenes, visualizations and automation. With this version of the app you can integrate up to 5 door intercoms.



    • Integration of the Kamerastrean (without audio)
    • Integration of the motion detector
    • Integration of the integrated infrared lighting
    • Additional internal image memory for 100 images with date and time stamp
    • Interface to display images
    • Integrate up to 5 door intercoms


    This app is an independent product and is not legally connected to Bird Home Automation GmbH.
    Neither BAB APP MARKET GmbH nor the developer are in possession of the above mentioned trademark.
    This Smart Home App may be used in conjunction with third-party products or services. The respective manufacturer is responsible for data protection.



    KNX integration for Panasonic TVs

    2019-08-14 11:48

    »Panasonic Connect« App now available

    The seamless KNX connection with "Panasonic Connect" enables the control of TV sets with all Smarthome components such as wall buttons and building visualisations. In addition to the basic functions such as switching on and off, volume control or channel selection, it is also possible to switch TV inputs via KNX commands. This makes it possible to integrate a TV set into entire Smarthome scenarios. At the push of a button, the blinds are lowered, the ambient lighting is activated and the television is switched on with the desired source selection and volume.


    • Wake-on-Lan support
    • Many compatible TV sets
      2015: All series except: CS600, CS500, CS510, CS520
      2016: All series except: DS400, DS500, DS600
      2017: All series
      2018: All series
      2019: FS (all), GX (all >= 800) and GZ (all)




    This app is a third party product. It is not affiliated in any way with Panasonic.
    This Smart Home App may be used in conjunction with third-party products or services. The respective manufacturer is responsible for data protection.