New KNX training in Luxembourg

    Many new training topics to discover in Parc Hotel Dommeldange.

    Alexa, Google or Siri? Which language assistant is the right one for the KNX-based Smart Home?
    Visit us on 13.11.2019 at the Parc Hotel Dommeldange and learn everything about KNX voice control with the APP MODULE, the differences between the language assistants, and connecting KNX with other IOT services.
    All topics of the event:
    • KNX-Secure
    • Dali light control and gateway to KNX
    • Energy management / Integration of meters in KNX
    • KNX in the network / IP router / IP interfaces
    • Daylight control with KNXIOT / Integration of speech recognition
    • Blind management / facade control


    Further information and registrations:
    28, e.g. Triangle Vert
    L-5691 Ellange
    Phone: +352 26660181
    Fax: +352 27075780

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